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Internationally Sourced.

Locally Roasted.

Timgad Café is partnering with Compass Coffee, a local roaster in Washington DC, to serve the best possible coffee and espresso from around the world. Compass shares our dedication to simplicity, intentionality, and relationship-oriented quality. We rotate drip blends from the three coffee-producing world regions and keep one freshly brewed medium roast and one dark roast variety on hand.

If you like what we have on tap, we also sell blends and single-origin beans to take back home. Ask us for help in distinguishing between tastes and regions, or for grinding options!


Cardinal, Waypoint, Meridian, Shaw, Embassy, and Azimuth

Blends at $12.99


Colombia, Guatemala, Ethiopia


Single Origins at $13.99

Bring back your container for refills, get one dollar off!

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